Research Team

mgr Mateusz Sosnowski

PhD student in the Institute of Archaeology, NCU in Toruń.

Originator of Woodlands Faded Heritage; specializing in archaeological surface surveys.

mgr Jerzy Czerniec

PhD student in The Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of Polish Academy of Science.

Originator of Woodlands Faded Heritage; specializing in spatial analysis and archaeology of landscape.

dr hab. inż. Krystian Kozioł

The AGH UST Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering .

Specializing in spatial analysis of Digital Terrain Model.

dr hab. Michał Jankowski, prof. UMK

Head of the Department of Soil Science and Landscape in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, NCU in Toruń.

Providing soil and paleopedological analysis.

dr hab. Tomasz Kowalkowski, prof. UMK

Assosciate Professor at Faculty of Chemistry, NCU Toruń. Chemist analyst, specialist in environmental chemistry.

Providing trace analysis in environmental samples.

dr hab. Agnieszka M. Noryśkiewicz

Adjunct in the Laboratory of the Reconstruction of the Natural Environment  in the Institute of Archaeology, NCU in Toruń.

Providing palynological analysis.

mgr Olaf Popkiewicz

Archaeologist, specializing in searching of artefacts, co-host of the tv documentary series “Poszukiwacze Historii”.